Anybody else wondering how long it will be before Glenn Beck mysteriously disappears?

Not saying anything just wondering how long it will be before THE ONLY MAN DEMANDING ANSWERS from Obama , the democrats and all the czars sitting in Obama Appointed places,
unexpectedly disappears?
Remember way, way back to the last presidential campaign ?
Remember all of the accusations being thrown at Obama about his associations with angry, racist’s, American, communist loving people ?
There was the American hating, white hating, jew hating retribution’s seeking, hate the flag preaching minister, (take breath here) that sat in front of him, BHO,for over 20 years and yelled and ranted till his veins burst through his forehead…but according to Barack (sp) (sorry lifetime English speaking poor/middle class man here) was never "taken seriously"…Does hearing this make it any easier to understand how a congressman called him a liar ? Again the media was johny on the spot and were quick to make fun,degrade and accuse A voice of opposition.
They attacked the congressman relentlessly.
Hoping to show America that this man is bad, very, very bad ! LOL
Thank you congressman ! Thank you sir for calling it like it is and having the oysters to say it where you said it !!!
Glenn Beck began openly questioning and analyzing many of BHO’s appointments, and examine many of the videos that have been floating around since back in early 2008 that have many hours of Obama doctrines hidden within them…Beck began to slow things down and really listen…
Glenn Beck noticed that Obama Obama appointed 38 or so CZARS?
Whats a friggin CZAR ? Isn’t that a MONARCH TITLE that I heard back in the 70’s from maybe communist USSR ?
So Beck checked out the videos of Obama and his UNCHALLENGED, uninvestigated or approved appointee’s.
Jones,An Obama appointee, who according to Obama, "is very important in my effort to CHANGE this country…"
Yeah, that Van Jones…
An anti American, over the government advocate, instisting that 9/11 was an inside job. Also contributing to the attacts on our CIA, registered communist…this is the final straw…this is getting scary…
Anyway, thanks to Glenn Beck, Van Jones is forced to resign ! But will Obama still seek his input?
So, with all this in mind…
How long can we expect to hear an alive an breathing Glenn Beck ?
How long before stories are featured on the democratic party controlled MEDIA, denounvcing Glenn Beck for his hypocracy, boozing, drug using back ground ?
Then Van Jones was finally found out.
The man was not only a registered member of the communist party, But was also involved with an anti-american propaganda organization !!!
To wrap this up I’d just like to get real opinions from real American folk. So, provided this post is not deleated, I’d like to know how your coping with what is coming down the pike.

I am not wearing a tin-foil hat and I did not stay at a holiday inn, but I am real, and I am concerned.
Are you?
Are you to the point that you feel like contacting your congressman and telling him that you are tired of the posing that our legislation seems to have perfected.
Your tired of not being heard, or having an important voice.
Then, are you upset enough to contact NBC, ABC, CNN, CNBC, CBS Etc.,Etc.,Etc…and letting them know that we regard them as our enemies, not our brethren, not fellow citizens…
We all wave to dig deep inside and find that red/white and blue thing we have hidden in our spirit. Grab it, hold it like you can not, will not ever let it go…yeah, grab that thing…I’ll grab mine too….
pray for me and I’ll pray for you , but let’s really and truely pray for our nation…
Oh, and this Glenn Beck guy.
Let’s hope his motives are genuine,
I knoiw this one thing to be true…
He is ALL that we have to work the shovel !!!
So pray for him and pray that there will soon be many more like him !!!
So how long before he is gone from the media, maybe from this earth ?
Budda and Nick….this is why I asked that REAL folks reply…
back to your bowl of munchees you two…
take a reading comprehension class, find a history book that was written before 1975 and dig in…feel it, learn it,
soon your youth will pass along with you freedoms…
At least have a portion of truth locked away inside your head…just to help understand what that HISTORY was designed to PROTECT you against !
I’m prayin for all the other jigok..’s that are out there…
just because you don’t understand something that is beyond your ability to comprehend, don’t bury that HISTORY BOOK…not just yet !
Please WAKE UP !!!
Thanks for keeping it real Cecil…
and I hope your right…
Can you imagine what would happen if the only scource for news was NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC or CNN ???

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    1. Wow there’s a whole lotta stuff in your post. I’ll just say that none of the things that Beck rambles incoherently about are that big of a deal. Obama should have checked Jones out better. He was in charge of developing green jobs. He did not have the nuclear launch codes for pete’s sake. And while you are advising reading some history books, you should maybe partake as well. The czars were the kings so to speak of Russia, before communism. Monarchy and communism are pretty much opposite forms of government. All of that grabbing hold of the flag stuff is kind of erotic. Glenn tries to scare the hell out you. Nobody is going disappear your friend Glenn. He’s just going to spontaneously combust.
      Sincerely your friend, Simmerdown

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