11 gedachten over “Black Oil Dispersant Sludge Mixture Covers Open Fishing Oyster Beds”

  1. Where do you go from here, southern man? I think they told you where to go. They don’t need you and they don’t like you. You don’t have the common courtesy to simply die and stop bitching.
    Time they hear from us soon, southern man (AMERICAN), because it don’t sit well with me either.
    1776 – Spill that, corexit that, clean up that!

  2. Don’t worry the gov will say they’re safe to eat, and there is no cause for concern.

  3. @asymthought

    Don’t mind digging the graves then or busting out the body bags…

  4. You’re crazy if you eat seafood from there.

    Remember, there was no problem breathing the air, in the gulf, or the valdez, or 9/11 clean up. They don’t care about us… We are just numbers to them. If we’re sick, well then the medical industry wins, if we’re not then we’re paying taxes, if we die, so what? One less of too many people to manage anyway. Win win win. for the gov’t.
    don’t go back to sleep on this, no matter how much the snews lulls you into a false sense of security. stay awake

  5. My Family wont be eating anything from the Gulf for a long, long time to come. this is one of if not the biggest seafood ereas in the USA so the mission by the people promoting Eugenics and Downfall of America is doing quit well for them. man! and if you eat at a Restuarant you better be able to trust them when asking where the seafood has come from.

  6. Fishing in the gulf has NO FUTURE. It’s all over. As far as the stuff still being fished from the gulf, the goverment doesn’t get a fuck, and ultimately the fish farmers won ’t give a fuck when it comes down to their money. That means they will still sell this poisioned shit to us in the supermarkets and say it’s fine. Then adults and children will start getting cancer and stuff up their assholes. Watch it happen. Better start learning to feed yourselves at the end of the world…..

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