Black Oil Dispersant Sludge Mixture Covers Open Fishing Oyster Beds

DO NOT EAT GULF SEAFOOD!!! the fishermen and all effected need to sue BP this is how a free market is supposed to work not our government protecting a foreign company over the people’s health and best intrest. Obama is covering up this spill, beware he is a lawyer, I mean liar.

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    7 gedachten over “Black Oil Dispersant Sludge Mixture Covers Open Fishing Oyster Beds”

    1. Bp is trying to get out of paying the fishermen the money they are due and those people that opened the the areas should be forced to eat the first catch of the day and I mean all of them. Why? They are tell the people it is safe to feed the seafood to their children and that toxic soup would more than likely damage their children in ways we have never seen before. I call this an attack for this Corexit is banned in the country from which Bp is from and they dumped it on us to hide the oil.

    2. cmon people nothing here to see remember they said the air was ok to breath on 911 lol they said the food in and from the gulf looks and is good to eat lol they said this was and is the biggest oil spill in history and then they said today that the oil is gone ? lol lmao rofl yip watever the government says to you is VERY CREDIBLE just ask the 50k in 1st responders at 911 that are dieing riht now. nahhh ill stick to common sense but ty any way big brother for trying to get us sicker. WAKE UP !!!

    3. do not trust our government anymore, they only want your votes and they do not have your best interest in mind anymore. and our current dumb fucking president is obama, what more do we need to hear, hes a terrorist muslim that only works for other countries other than ours. people wake up.

      and yes this has alot to do with our current president that claims to help the people of the USA

    4. These fishermen at least have scrupples and ethics. Even though they will suffer financially, they refuse to sell the seafood. Hats off to them all.

    5. Everyone can thanks George W. Bush for all this too. He is the one who lifted the ban his father put in place for off shore drilling.

    6. This is so sad. I don’t trust the government or the EPA on their “Testing” to be the complete truth. This is just so sad for all the generations of oyster/fishermen.

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