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  1. actually it might be the inventor of the handgun Berthold the Black has a similar line written on his gravestone as an epitaph which reads; “here lies Berthold the Black, the most abominable of humans, who by his invention has brought misery to the rest of humanity.”

  2. Forged a billion years ago, black blade

    A sword as badass as Stormbringer definitely needs a song by a band as badass as BOC

  3. I’d recommend all the Elric novels, as well as the Hawkmoon and Corum series too, all are outstanding

  4. Actually, all of Micheal Moorcock’s books are great, but Elric is his best known. Check out the End of Time series, that one has some great social commentary in it. Also, if you like music based off his books, look up Hawkwind: Warriors on the Edge of Time.

  5. Not to bring up some useless question, but does anybody know who did the art for the pics that start at :43, and 3:34 respectively?

  6. @DarthDondra and the Chronical of The Black Sword album… And Morrocock also had input into some of their other releases like the Sonic Attack and Choose Your Masques albums

  7. I had a trip on this song, many years ago ha ha ha, those nice memories, rock on!

  8. have this feeling that my luck is none too good
    This sword here at my side don’t act the way it should
    Keeps calling me its master, but I feel like its slave
    Hauling me faster and faster to an early, early grave
    And it howls, it howls like hell!
    I’m told it’s my duty to fight against the law
    That wizardry’s my trade and I was born to wade through gore
    I just want to be a lover, not a red-eyed screaming ghoul
    I wish it’d picked another to be its killing tool

  9. Black blade! Black blade!
    Forged a billion years ago
    Black blade! Black blade!
    Killing so its power can grow

    There’s death from the beginning to the end of time
    And I’m the cosmic champion and I hold a mystic sign
    And the whole world’s dying and the burdens mine
    And the black sword keeps on killing ‘til the end of time

  10. Wow,its like a secret call to duty.C’mon now I can’t be the only one luvin the black blade.Wheres yours?

  11. @veselinj That is correct i read those books!They were great, too cool! love BOC!Blast from the Past!

  12. Love BOC and saw them live (rocked!). The Elric series is one of me fav fantasy stories. A must read if you haven’t. Thanke for the post!


  13. @Dunwyche Always wanted to see them back in hs. I finally had the chance in 83 in Phoenix the same year I read the Elric novels by coincidence. It was cancelled like a week before the show! Anyway they are coming to my town in June! How cool is that!

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