25 gedachten over “Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper live”

  1. I can belive that you enjoyed this low quality video, want watch in good quality Reaper then go:

  2. you`re fuckin boring with the cow bells, song is awesome as it is right now!

  3. I love these guys, not the best recording, I know the Drummer< Great Guy!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. hmmm….its ok but i think it may need something..
    not another guitar..
    the drums are okay……
    i got it,
    MORE COW BELL!!! 😀

  5. Everyone Join me
    with Having This Classic on your play list at Your own Funeral !

    If you don’t have a list or make your Own cd for any showings,
    then some of the family might pick stuff You would hate! lol

  6. How do you like that. This song their biggest hit, is better known for the request for more COWBELL than it is as a song.. so lets all say it together… More COWBELL!!

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