Blue Oyster Cult – “In Thee”

Blue Öyster Cult was the thinking man’s heavy metal group. Put together on a college campus by a couple of rock critics, it maintained a close relationship with a series of literary figures (often in the fields of science fiction and horror), including Eric Von Lustbader, Patti Smith, Michael Moorcock, and Stephen King, while turning out some of the more listenable metal music of the early and mid-’70s. The band that became Blue Öyster Cult was organized in 1967 at Stony Brook College on Long Island by students (and later rock critics) Sandy Pearlman and Richard Meltzer as Soft White Underbelly and consisted of Andy Winters (bass), Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser (guitar), John Wiesenthal — quickly replaced by Allen Lanier — (keyboards), and Albert Bouchard (drums), with Pearlman managing and Pearlman and Meltzer writing songs. Initially without a lead singer, they added Les Bronstein on vocals. This quintet signed to Elektra Records and recorded an album that was never released. They then dropped Bronstein and replaced him with their road manager, Eric Bloom, as the band’s name was changed to Oaxaca. A second Elektra album also went unreleased, though a single was issued under the name the Stalk-Forrest Group. Cut loose by Elektra, they changed their name again, to Blue Öyster Cult, and signed to Columbia Records in late 1971, by which time Winters had been replaced by Albert Bouchard’s brother Joe. Blue Öyster Cult, their debut album, was released in January 1972 and made

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    11 gedachten over “Blue Oyster Cult – “In Thee””

    1. Saw Blue Oyster Cult last week at a small venue north of Denver CO. They still have one of the best live shows I have seen although many of the original members have been replaced.

    2. best concert I was ever at-I seen em when I was 7 yrs old and they opened for Alice Cooper at philadelphia spectrum. I think it was 8 bucks

    3. I heard this song back in 1983 like once or twice. Hearing it again is great. This is certainly one of the greatest songs in classic rock. How the heck does this escape classic rock airplay. I mean, seriously, if you’re a dj, do you play “We Built This City” or “In Thee?” And how much airplay did that former Jefferson Whatever piece of something I left in the toilet this morning get airplay? JEEZ. Play THIS song! Thanks for posting it!

    4. I couldn’t agree more.. this song is as good as Kiss’ “Beth” or Peter Frampton “I’m In You,” etc.. I’m glad in a way that it hasn’t been played to death because it still sounds very fresh to me. Ha!

    5. Great Song I love it.. but who the heck is Jim??

      “Jim says some destinies Should not be delivered”

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