25 gedachten over “Blue Oyster Cult – Vengeance (The Pact)”

  1. Blue Oyster Cult was the first classic metal band i fell in love with, and i still love em

  2. I know it’s just a song meant for a cartoon, but something about it hits me everytime I hear it.

  3. Joe and Albert are missed, albert wrote this with joe. Those were the good old days for sure. My favorite tune off the record.

  4. @JahJoJah LoL!
    You of course realize thats what the older generation has been saying sense the beginning of time? I’m a harcore BOC fan, big 80’s music fan, but I also like indie music. I am not a fan of Justin Bieber and so forth. But come on man that was kind of ignorant.

  5. @HisMajestyJahoosa

    I’m ignorant for them not indulging themself in the classic, but for them only listening to the classics that are presented to them? Okay. I guess I am ignorant about their ignorance, then. So we’re all even.

  6. @JamesAllan9
    Fix my grammar?
    How about you learn about the internet and conversational speaking. We’re not writing a Formal Lab Report or a speech for presidency here. I’m talking to another person, therefore I’m using my conversational language.

    Jesus Christ, l2 interwebs.

  7. @rossbmarvin3rd gotta love how BÖC can almost pull off anything that is associated with music….

  8. a group with two amazing voices and an imagination to create such diverse albums with high quality and overflowing talent…imagine todays stars make such music…BOC WAS UNREAL like many 70s groups…

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