Boat Question?

My dad is an oyster farmer and has an aluminum boat that he uses for his job. My friends and I had this idea to take some people tubing for my birthday party. We could borrow the tube and ropes from a family friend.

My question is this: My dad says that since gas is up to almost per gallon, he really isn’t too keen on the idea. How much gas do you think it would take to go around in circles for an hour or two? I want to see if maybe i could go halfsies with him on the gas cost?

if more information is needed to answer, say so and i will see what i can find out.
I do know that he has either a 150 or 200 horsepower motor, I don’t know (and can’t ask, he is at work) how many strokes.

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    1. I can answer that question as soon as you tell me what kind of motor is on the boat. Mostly, I just need to know how many horsepower, and if it’s 2-stroke or 4-stroke. Or else a year and manufacturer.

      If I had to take a guess, it’d be 6 to 10 gallons per hour.

      Your fuel burn rate at wide open throttle would be neighborhood of 15 to 20 gallons per hour (depending on HP of the engine).

      Depending on weight & balance, and how efficient the hull is, I’m guessing you’ll be tubing at 60% to 75% throttle, which cuts your burn rate to 40% to 60% of the full throttle rate. That puts you at 6 to 12 gallons per hour.

      It’s a wide range estimate because of all the unknowns. Actual mileage may vary.

      Happy birthday!!

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