Bronx River Restoration

In the 1600’s, New York City’s Bronx River was a drinking water source and a sylvan haven for beaver, oysters, and herring. It became blighted as urbanization progressed, reincarnating as an industrial power source, an open sewer, and a garbage dump. Today, landscape ecologists are reconstructing the waterway’s ecological history as a reference point for its restoration effort. Watch conservation teams coax new life into the Bronx River as they restock it with native fish, lay down oyster beds, and remove invasive species along its shores.

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    1. omg i totaly did the bronx river alliance program as my 10th grade internship lol it was sooo cold and boring and i hated every minute of it but the people working with me was cool….omg i worked on erosion and banking lol it was hard.

    2. My sxchool is right near the Bronx River
      it really is dirty as they say trust me ive been in there twice (not really IN IT) just near it

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