Can someone please advise me on a response to a hurtful email from my soon to be daughter-in-law?

Nate’s Bachelor Party

Thu, February 4, 2010 8:00:35 PM

Hey guys,
I just noticed that Nate was planning his OWN Bachelor Party…. and there’s something wrong with that. From my understanding a Bachelor Party is supposed to be thrown by the groomsmen as a treat for the Groom. This is not the case in his situation, Nate has been going out of his way to talk to people about getting together for this "party". I am not sure what’s going on here, but something needs to be done. My bridal shower and bachelorette party was already set, paid for and planned by the time I got to know about it and was invited, and that’s how it’s supposed to be done. Nate says that you guys have never done the whole wedding thing before but so have my bridesmaids, and they went out of their way, did their research and got everything planned. I am super disappointed that his friends would do this to him.

Please, please, please plan something for him, without him planning it, that’s how it’s supposed to be. He is a good guy and at least deserves this, I felt so bad when he was telling me that he was calling people up…. so sad. I’m not sure how you guys are okay with this, but please take some time to plan it for him, it’s not every year someone gets married. If you guys don’t know what to do, please ask me and I can just refer to google. The only person who said something to him about it was Lucas who suggested that he could speak to the BM…Lucas knows some stuff about weddings and what not, and I know he’s not the only groomsman that does. Please let me know what you’re thinking.

To start the discussion, Nate is fine with traveling on March 6, March 27 or April 3 for that weekend in Charleston. You guys can double check with him after you vote for a date and just let him know. Ideas?? Nate loves oyster roasts and barbeques, maybe you guys can have that on saturday or dinner or something and then a night on the town. At least come up with a date and schedule so you guys can invite a few more of his friends.

If no one wants to throw a bachelor party for him, just let me know. I will get some of his other friends together to do something fun for him.

Thank you, and please take some time out of your busy lives to respond to this email. I don’t mean to get into the way of the no planning but poor Nate was planning by himself.

Have a great weekend!
I am the mother of the groom and this is the second time she has sent this sort of email. I have no worries posting this on Yahoo.
well we know who will be in control in this marriage!
this letter is full of "guilt-inducing" words. This makes me sick!
that was great self-actualized!
That is what I thought too Rachel…..she sent this to me to make me feel her anger so I would feel anger too!
makes me wonder why she sent this to me and I won’t even be going to the Bachelor party

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    1. She’s calling out your kid’s friends and male family members on poor wedding etiquette. You don’t have to reply at all (in fact, you have no right to reply) since you’re not male and therefore not the intended audience.

      Butt out.

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