can vegetarians eat clams and oysters?

ive decided to become a vegetarian. so far, its been going great, until my mom made clam dip… which really got me thinking, clams dont have brains, so do they really count? i know lots of vegetarians who eat seafoods and fish. but i dont want to eat fish, because they are animals too. =[

so am i allowed to eat this clam dip?

then i got to thinking about oysters, i love oysters, and some of moms friends have a big oyster party every year. will i not be able to participate because of my decision to be a vegetarian?


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    1. Yes they can. But they choose not to because well…. they are vegetarians and clams/oysters/shellfish may not have brains or look cute but they are still animals.

      Vegetarians don’t eat fish either.

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