Colors for Parents as the wedding party?

I am having a small wedding in August 2007. We have only incorporated our children (age 9 & 2) within our wedding but we are also having our parents at the head table with us. We plan to take the ‘wedding party’ pictures with our parents and siblings. We are thinking of bright reds, yellows, and oranges for flower colors. My dress in Dimond White with an Oyster sash. Our daughter is wearing burgandy. All the men are wearing Tuxes (burgandy tie, etc. for groom & Mercury for the others) but I am stuck on the MOB & MOG. If they wear burgandy as well, our daughter won’t stand out as much but under the circumstances, is that okay? Should both mothers dress colors be the same? And in what color?
Our photographer suggusted we treat them all as our wedding party. So if they don’t wear a co-odinating color, the mothers will look left out (since the men will all blend well) What can you suggest?? PLEASE HELP!!!
Parents live in 8 hours from eachother. And 4 – 12 hours away from bride. We will be taking fun pictures as other brides do with their wedding parties.

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