CRUDE OIL Found In Oysters at NC Restaurant: TOXIC GULF FOOD ALERT (Obama Says Eat It)

BP MENU: CRUDE OIL Found In Oysters in Carolinas And Obama Told Us To Eat This? CORNELIUS, NC (WBTV) — “A video out of a seafood restaurant sparks the need for rational thinking, like a scene out of an oil changing shop.” A man says he found oil inside his oysters while eating at a restaurant located north of Charlotte this weekend. Matthew Robertson is fascinated at the thought that an oyster from the Gulf Coast that was possibly soaked in oil made it onto his dinner plate. “I rubbed it on my napkin and I said ‘Hey, Dad look, there’s oil on my oysters,'” said Robertson. He was so surprised at what he found, he kept one of the oysters to show our cameras. WBTV reporter Sarah Batista noticed there was a black substance stuck to the inside of the oyster. “That is definitely tar, that is not on oysters, “said Robertson. Obama pronounces Gulf seafood safe to eat… AP — THEODORE, Ala. (Mon Jun 14, 4:21 pm ET) — President Barack Obama says from the oil-stricken Gulf of Mexico that seafood from the region is safe to eat and announced a new coordinated effort to make sure it stays that way. In remarks from Theodore, Ala., on Monday, Obama said that the government will step up its inspections and monitoring to help ensure that the Gulf Coast food industry is getting the kind of protection and certification it needs to sell its products around the country. Obama said, “We don’t want tragedies on top of the tragedy we’re already seeing.”

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    25 gedachten over “CRUDE OIL Found In Oysters at NC Restaurant: TOXIC GULF FOOD ALERT (Obama Says Eat It)”

    1. @AntimatterRadio you dont have a god damn clue what your talking about shut the fuck up. do you know do you live down here? NO! your just the dumbass that the media thrives on you douchebag!

    2. @AntimatterRadio so how come the tar balls they are cleaning from the beaches is black? The red is from the disbursements. And the disbursements are sending the oil lower into the sea,which will come to surface and beaches later in time.

    3. I grew up, & live in the Florida panhandle. This is of historical life changing proportions. This is the end of life as we ever knew it, as it used to exist.
      They used Corexit in food producing waters. The seafood industry both recreational & commercial has been destroyed for decades to come.
      Long live Gulf Breeze, & the white sand beaches of Florida.

    4. @CitrusGrower12 stop being such a fucking drama queen. How do you know seafood will take decades to recover. I smell BULLSHIT

    5. @bskilla101 Corexit is nothing but deadly poison that was used to atomize the oil in food producing waters. The seafood is not safe to eat.

    6. No! This could not possibly be from the Gulf. I mean it has oil on it. Who’d of thought? ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

    7. Lol. Its obviouis, isn’t it? All are depending – not on oil – but on money. What a nice system of lies. Jungle rules for “civilized” societies.

    8. DAD LOOK! Theres oil on my oyster……….. Dont worry son nothing wrong with a lil oil on your oyster. It’ll grease your inards. Plus its whats on the inside that counts!

    9. I live in Va Beach and while taking a walk on the beach in the southern part of the city, I saw what I’m afraid is a preview of more to come…a couple small tar balls. Also, there are rocks that wash up on shore and may appear to be the same size and color of the tar balls, but are simply just rocks. I’d hate to see people flee all beaches because of some rocks that resemble tar balls

    10. @HorseofPaulRevere OIl is not orange its not the dispersant. The well is spewing orange

    11. i live n north al. i notice all the trees and plants.. there leaves r down.. they look literly sad. black spots white spots some seemed burned through.. its n our air here n rain.. its suppose 2 rain this weekend . i will not b outside when it does rain ! 7/22/2010..

    12. did they check it by an expert? it did not look like oil to me. i love how they speculate and rumor fly.

    13. Filter feeding bi-valve molluscs like oysters are nature’s own very accurate guage of water quality, trouble is it usually takes a food poisoning scare for people to notice this natural warning. But in this case, if the “oyster guage” is not being monittorred thru random sampling by the authorities then someone is asleep at the wheel. (or perhaps all the ‘cover-up’ theories are right?)
      Extended time in the purification tank can make harvested oysters safe to eat, but at the expense of taste.

    14. daymnnnnnnnnnnnn not the oystersssssssssssssss nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    17. Sheesh ! First we have to see it, then breathe it, then the kids cant play in the sand (at least not lower than 6″), and now we cant eat it. How long before this scenario becomes the norm for our poor raveged, plundered, worn out world?

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