Divine Wind – Blue Oyster Cult

A video created in the wake of September 11, 2001 by video producer and BÖC fan, Daryl Maxwell. Originally written in 1980 as a reaction to the Iran Hostage Crisis, Blue Oyster Cult’s “Divine Wind” once again provides a relevant backdrop to current affairs. Assembled from news footage, it is a compelling and emotional reflection on America’s new Day of Infamy. George Soros & Media Matters should pay close attention. dm

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    25 gedachten over “Divine Wind – Blue Oyster Cult”

    1. Huh?? He was happy to kill thousands of them in Serbia. But then they were only Orthodox Christians and thus disposable to liberal fascists war criminals like Clinton, Albright and our very own Tony Blair.

    2. Dear Americans, this video is showing you what your hard-earned tax dollars paid for in the late 1970s and the 1980s, courtesy of President Jimmy Carters “Operation Cyclone” which funded 100s of millions of US$ to the Afghan “Jihad warriors” against Communism.

    3. Make rock not war! specially if its a personal war about politics… heres the order of things:
      Ozzy = God
      Buck Dharma = The almighty Ruler Of This universe and everything
      there’s your politics!
      *honorable metion*
      Eric Bloom = Awesome

    4. i suppose thats true… ok, theyre the uh… they uh… they own Asia and part of Australia… ok?

    5. between ozzy and buck dharma, that will be one to negotiate until the end of time. but i agree with you 99.9% of the way

    6. I am just glad to having some of these mooks under my belt! If you don’t like that……….f off

    7. Our war will never stop, even If we do succeed in assassinating Osama bin Laden, the true war between people’s ideals will never truely cease….

    8. haha all I am saying is that if Osama is killed his Lieutenant would end up taking over and If he was killed they would probubly retaliate by taking more hostage’s or killing more civilians, or.. i dunno hijaking a airliner?

    9. The Japanese word “Kamakazi” is supposed to mean “Divine Wind” This song is a much better fit to 9-11 than the original crap that inspired it.Excellent video.

    10. I would love to give my address to any scumsucker who disagrees with this message

    11. The point is dont take any shit,believe what you believe and if they think you to be the devil accomidate them on their way to hell.I agree with it from the Iranian hostage situation and I agree with it now.Calling democrats spineless when it comes to the theatre of war isnt true.The last needed war we were in was ww2 and who dropped the bomb?Democrats did.Republicans like war so they can make money,Dems want it over with.Neither are saints and both are bought.

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