Don’t Fear The Reaper

Song: (Don’t Fear) The Reaper Artist: Blue Oyster Cult Clips from: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children An AMV I made on Windows Movie Maker…I lost track of what number it really was, because my comp is littered with unfinished projects. I think this would count as my 7th that was completely finished. Lucky number? Thank you everybody for your rates and comments…I never thought when I made this that it would end up doing so well. =D

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    25 gedachten over “Don’t Fear The Reaper”

    1. I first heard this song from Guitar Hero, but I am watching Zombieland right now and this song is in the movie when they meet Bill Murray =D


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    4. @ledzeplin7
      I agree, i think if you dont like this song you are blind and deaf, who ever hit dislike on this song should be put in an insane asylum

    5. UNWARRANTED fear exist because you are guilty of something…
      Have no fear unless you are guilty of something…
      YOUR MINDS will be probe and you or your descendants will have to pay up!!!!!!!!
      It is only a matter of time. Ha! Ha! Fear the reaper if you are guilty!!!!!!!

    6. Hey, Nej, thanks for this vid. I learned the song on guitar using it. I didn’t learn it well, mind you, but i learned it. haha.
      Anyway, awesome vid!

    7. 49 people shall feel the reaper’s wrath. not only was the video amazing but how dare you thumbs down one to such an epic song!! now this is rock! 🙂

    8. @Willman201 yes!!! I agree. apparently they don’t get the concept of where great rock originated from! screw all this new rock bs they have nowadays! all sounds the same. it sucks. I mean come on back then the musicians actually wrote the music themselves and the lyrics always had a deeper meaning. now only a few artists do the same.

    9. SNL kind of made it hard to listen to this remembering Will Ferrells gut protruding from under his shirt increasingly over a period of five minutes. Damnit. I liked this song.

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