Find a decent girl in a club?

Is there a chance to find a decent girl in a club (london)?

I was just wondering if it is actually possible. I dont go so often to clubs and the only times I do, it is with a group of friends, not interacting with other people… The only other reason I would go to such places would be to meet girls… However I am not sure if it is possible to meet nice girls there… I may be wrong but in soul R&b clubs (kind of music I like) I think I am more likely to find girls who are rather interested in ‘dicks’ dressed like american rappers, T-Pain wannabes or caricatures of ‘soulja boy’… i.e. interested in party animals pretending to be tough but with no decent jobs, and with less brains than an oyster (card). (might be more intelligence in living oysters than in these guys’)
i know what i wrote is mean but you get my point…
sorry for the English, I am French so I have an excuse… My English might be better than that of a ‘party animal’ though. ^^

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    1. err.. im english and live in london.. i like boys that are themselves.. boys dressed like rappers ( ecsp. that are white) look like wankers.. be yourself and i’m sure youll find lots of decent ladies. best of luck x

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