25 gedachten over “Fresh Oysters”

  1. is it safe to eat them right outta the ocean like that? shouldn’t they be cooked? or can you get sick? i know that when you kill a lobster before boiling it is dangerous… but yea…what about these critters?

  2. lol I would love to see you like “…wait I have to move so my feet wont be close to the oysters… wait… its not working… oh fuck… I cant eat it too bad”

  3. how big are they?
    I can’t imagine an oyster having 40 grams of protein.
    that’s a good size steak’s worth!

  4. This man knows what he’s talking about.

    The best way to eat raw oysters is with some kind of spicy sauce, along with lemon.

    You can, of course, eat it like it is, but it has a bit of an undesirable after-taste.

  5. Pinches locos, and yeah they’re lucky to have an unlimited supply of fresh oysters!!
    Wish I was there compas!! -TX

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