Getting Married, Just a Few Questions!?

I’m planning on getting married in October 2010… Do you think that is enough time to plan? I’ve never been married before, so I have no clue where to begin, does anyone have any tips or websites they can direct me too for some budgeting/ideas/timelines? My tentative colors are going to be on more of an indian summer theme, royal blue, eggplant, sage, rust and pearl/ivory…. Trying to stay away from browns and golds or copper/bronze colors, I don’t like them. But I’m also trying to keep a warm tone. My menu will be as follows: Turkey and turkey gravy, oyster stuffing, squash casserole, fried eggplant, whole wheat rolls, fried pears w/cinnamon butter, and a field green salad w/reduced balsamic vingrette and bleu cheese. To drink we’ll have hot apple cider, coffee (obviously) and cold apple cider, what else can you suggest? My cake is actually going to be a cupcake tower w/pumpkin cupcakes and whipped cream cheese icing, some w/nuts, some without. I have kept everyones palates in mind and all of the foods on my menu are foods that I know the guests like (as I’ve cooked all these things for them at one point or another). As favors I’ll be passing out hot chocolate and apple cider mix as well as caramel apples rolled in sugared walnuts. For center peices, I have no clue what to do… I was thinking of having glass vases w/multicolored pebbles (to match my colors) in the bottom, a beta fish (to match my colors, a different color fish for each table) and a floating candle, what do you think? I’m also thinking of having each table in a specific color, there will only be about 40 guests or so, and we’re a very close knit family, so having 10 four seat tables will be sufficient, I think, what do you think? As for the wedding party table I was thinking of having white lights strung around the table and then covering them in a sheer cloth, to add a bit of warmth and romance… What kind of music do you think would be good? Also, what can I do to bring the warmth of fall indoors? I was thinking of having an out door reception, but it will get too cold, our ceremony is going to be out doors, however. Also, we’re having a butterfly release during our ceremony to remember those that will not be with us….

Any ideas/suggestions/improvements you could make will be greatly appreciated!!

And how do I kindly put on the invites that no alcohol permissed?
For financial reasons I’m doing the planning my self, the only people I’m paying to do something for me is the seamstress, the florist (which I might not even need, depends on how my garden does), and the place we’ll be having the reception, and that’s just for the space, and my friend for hooking me up w/waiters/waitresses. Between myself and my bridesmaids we’ll be cooking, decorating, making favors etc… I have a lot of family I have to fly in, and I’ll have to buy a few brides maids their dresses, so my budget will be tight. Thanks for the offer however!

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    1. Congrats I am geting married 10-2-10! Go to they have tons of ideas. You can look at stuff based on the season of your wedding, they have pictures and feedback from other couples. And no its not to soon to plan. I asked that question and they said the sooner the better!

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