Has anyone else noticed how “Scream” uses a lot of the movie “Halloween” references?

In the movie, "Scream", I’ve noticed that Wes Craven used a lot of "Halloween" references. In one scene when Rose McGowan is talking to Neve Campbell she says "This is like something out of a Wes Carpenter flick." She says the wrong name, using Wes Craven’s first name and John Carpenter (the director of "Halloween’s" last name.) Also, when Drew Barrymore gets killed in the beginning her dad tells her mom to drive to the Mackenzie’s house, that is the same name of the neighbors Jamie Lee Curtis tells the kids to go to in "Halloween." Also, in "Scream", there is and ad for the movie "Mother’s Boys" in the video store where Randy works. This movie starred Jamie Lee Curtis. Also, they use the whole backdrop music and scenes from "Halloween" the movie when Randy is talking at Stu’s party and Neve Campbell is in the bedroom with Skeet Ulrich. Also, they are playing the song, "Don’t fear the reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult in "Halloween" and it is played in beginning of "Scream."

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    1. it’s not so much a parody as it is paying homage to those writers/directors/films. you’ll actually find that in a lot of films… Kevin Smith has all kinds of Star Wars references in his movies.

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