have 2 questions!!?

1. i started to do a scrapbook. so far it includes travel with family and 9th birthday party. i am in the scrapbooking club in school and i just can not seem to think of anything that can be in my scrapbook. please give me ideas on what to put in my scrapbook.

2. i have to memorize the poem "do oysters sneeze" before tomorrow. tomorrow i have to say it to my class. How can i memorize the poem before tomorrow????

thanks in advance!

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    1. 1.It is best to do what you love, what sparks your interest, that will fuel your imagination. Also, get some scrapbook magazines or books, or look at supplies to get ideas. It might help to decide on a specific color scheme, or style, such as antiquing(making all your components look old), or using a repetitive shape, etc.
      Have fun and be creative!
      2.Repetition will help you with the poem, also word association: you know if you can connect a word or thought to something else that will help you remember. That might be useful if there is a spot where you get stuck, make that association pop in your head to help you along.

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