Here it is Rock and Pop…the Epic BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!!?

All match ups are purposely random, so don’t expect Zeppelin vs. the Beatles or ‘Tallica vs. ‘Deth ‘til later rounds.

Blue Oyster Cult vs. Staind
Bob Marley and the Wailers vs. Neil Young and Crazy Horse
The Velvet Underground vs. Humble Pie
Coldplay vs. Danzig/The Misfits
Judas Priest vs. The Cars
Motorhead vs. The Byrds
Ben Harper(and all his assorted bands) vs. Slipknot
INXS vs. Jeff Buckley
Social Distortion vs. The Lemonheads
Frank Zappa vs. Nirvana
Dead Milkmen vs. Led Zeppelin
Bush vs. Metallica
The Eagles vs. Cream
Derick and the Dominoes vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers
Scandal/Patti Smyth vs. Rainbow/Dio
The Yardbirds vs. DEVO
The Doors vs. The Jeff Beck Group
Rage Against the Machine vs. Guns ’n Roses
Shine Down vs. Incubus
Pearl Jam vs. Supertramp
Sevendust vs. Pantera
Cracker vs. Bullit For My Valentine
Bon Jovi vs. Ratt
The Rolling Stones vs. Kansas
Avenged Sevenfold vs. Badfinger
Heart vs. R.E.M.
Radiohead vs. Alice Cooper
Styx vs. Bob Segar and the Silver Bullit Band
ZZ Top vs. Megadeth
Bad Brains vs. The Bled
My Morning Jacket vs.AFI
The Cult vs. The Cure
CAKE vs. Prince
The Black Keys vs. The Toadies
Isane Clown Posse vs. the Beatles
Bloc Party vs. Pat Benatar
Poison vs. Matt the Hoople
Corrosion of Conformaty vs. Sonic Youth
Iron Maiden vs. Iron Butterfly
The Beach Boys vs. Procul Harum
Testament vs. Aerosmith
Stevie Ray Vaugn vs. Beastie Boys
The Dead Boys vs. Ted Nugent
Foghat vs. The Bee-gees
Counting Crows vs. Wings
Creedence Clearwater Revival vs. Marilyn Manson
New York Dolls vs. The Ramones
Bob Dylan vs. Pink Floyd
The Kinks vs. Van Halen
Alice In Chains vs. Bad Religion

That should keep you guys occupied for now…
And for the lazy people out there (like me) just copy and paste all of the ____vs.____s’ and eraste/delete the one you don’t want to win.
Round One Part 2 coming up next…my hands are starting to hurt.

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    Eén gedachte over “Here it is Rock and Pop…the Epic BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!!?”

    1. Hey Eddie! Whats up?

      Blue Oyster Cult
      Bob Marley and the Wailers
      The Velvet Underground
      Danzig/The Misfits
      Judas Priest
      Ben Harper(and all his assorted bands)
      Jeff Buckley
      Social Distortion
      Frank Zappa
      Led Zeppelin
      Red Hot Chili Peppers (obviously)
      The Doors
      Rage Against the Machine
      Pearl Jam
      Bon Jovi
      The Rolling Stones
      Alice Cooper
      ZZ Top
      Bad Brains
      My Morning Jacket
      The Cure
      The Black Keys
      the Beatles
      Pat Benatar
      Sonic Youth
      Iron Maiden
      The Beach Boys
      Beastie Boys
      Ted Nugent
      The Bee-gees
      Counting Crows
      Creedence Clearwater Revival
      The Ramones
      Bob Dylan
      The Kinks
      Alice In Chains

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