How can I get out of this “Distributing alcohol to minors” citation?

I got this citation and im not guilty of it but the two girls said i was the one who open the bottles for them but it wasnt at my house or my alcohol. Here is the story.Went to the going away party for a friend that was moving back to florida the next day, got there at 10:30pm. the orginal plan was to make an apperance, eat and just leave, we were not planning on staying late because it started at 4pm already. first thing i did was say hi to people i knew then grabbed a beer for me from the 2 cases on the kitchen counter then saw my friend with a plate of food and an oyster so i also wanted some too and grabbed a plate and went to the food table while the girls stayed in the kitchen taking pictures and then a few mintues later one of the girls came over to ask me to get a tampon from my car but i didnt want to go outside to get it so i gave her the keys to the car to get grab it and then i ate my food and watched people wrestle, talk and play around.i did not give them permission to drive the car or give/open a beer for them.i did not open bottles for anyone there were boxes of beer everywhere they mustve grabed a beer and asked someone else to open it for them because i couldnt even open my own bottle,there were no bottle openers around and coronas are not twist off. im guessing they just mistaken someone else for me because i was suppose to stay with them and it was crowded. they were not suppose to even drink it was just a bbq with family and kids there too so i thought it would be okay to bring them along. awhile later i called to see whats taking them so long since i checked the rooms and bathrooms and they were no where to be found and they said they took off with the car surprising me. that point i thought i could either tell her to not come back because we knew cops were outside already or i could let her come back n get caught and teach her a lession for taking the car and driving it when she shouldnt have i didnt know about the drinking or else i wouldve told her to not come back at all. they were gone for about 45 mins then the next thing i know i get a call asking where i left my car papers and she hung up. i was told by some people in the house the car was pulled over and that i should ignore them because they didnt want to get everyone involved. after awhile a police officer came to talk to me and the house owner i think and we walked out to the cars and was asked questions then taken aside to have my miranda rights read and so on.

i didnt buy the alcohol so its not my fault
it wasnt my house so i shouldnt have responsibility
the owner should have kept the alcohol out of reach of minors

what should i keep in that story?
what to do from now?

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    1. it doesn’t matter they can arrest all people over 21 in the house for contributing to a minor even if you don’t own the house or live there

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