How to be a {INSERT STAR SIGN} Explain your star sign in a how to manor.?

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How to be a {INSERT STAR SIGN}

how to be a Gemini-Emotions are everything
life is never boring for me theirs always something to do something to know, something to understand..
"The worlds your oyster" wait, "The worlds MY oyster" i can be a bit superficial, as I jump from subject to subject. And I don’t have many close friends if any. It’s better to be the social butterfly, have everyone love you, and if they don’t it doesn’t matter your the life of the party so they will. Show your emotions make every moment, real, yet not to real that you become enveloped by it, if you can’t change with the click of a finger then your not a Kameleon, your not a real Gemini. Be smart and witty, be happy and fun, but don’t forget your other side. Gemini is dual in nature, theirs the other side within you, another person.. The bitch! It’s the reason so many people don’t like us, but it’s one half of us, it’s the Yang of our Yin. You have to seem fierce you have to show no fear, not that you have fear, your a terrier or a Chihuahua! You have to yip and yap, you have to be the centre of it all, but if someone else can do just as good a job then "hay let me watch, i’ll see if I agree" debate debate debate! For a Gemini all life is, is emotions many many emotions! Nothings set in stone. To be a Gemini is to be an actor. To be able to improvise at any time. To be a good listener and to be a good talker, to communicate with everything around you.

Please do the same with your own star sign!

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    1. 😀

      How to be a LEOOO!!
      Be forward and blunt and be happy.. be openminded and open hearted and appreciate close friendships because friendship and loyalty is very important to Leos… Have confidence that exudes from the surface that you may not even believe in yourself, but your exterior radiates so much confidence (to the point of seeming stuck up), that you start to believe it yourself and when people notice your traits and compliment you.. you may hate compliments themselves because it makes you feel awkwardly uncomfortable (there are Leos like this who exist!), but you secretly like this postive reinforcement because it means people notice your EFFORT as much as your achievments.. you don’t like to play mind games because you’re too intense and impulsive to really be the type to overthink before acting/talking, Leos like to have fun and to not take things too seriously, but ask us to take on a task, and we do it with so much intensity.
      EDIT: Generosity is a must…

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