How To Open Clams by Metropolitan Seafood, Clinton, NJ

How to open clams as demonstrated by Mark Drabich of Metropolitan Seafood Company in Clinton, NJ. Metropolitan Seafood Company has been in business for 20 years, proudly serving fresh seafood in their Clinton, NJ store.

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    7 gedachten over “How To Open Clams by Metropolitan Seafood, Clinton, NJ”

    1. This video is awesome! I love Metroploitan Seafood, they have the best selection of fresh fish and everyone there is so nice and knowledgeable. I never buy my seafood anywhere else!

    2. why do you have lemons? do you use those to make life easier or what? because i see everybody eat clams with lemons. what is that for?

    3. I always have the toughest time opening clam using a regular steak knife. I would like to know does matter the size of blade to use, I’d notice a 7 1/4 blade but wasn’t sure. I always purchase large clams to eat raw and would really enjoy more time eating and less time trying to open them.

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