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  1. You spoke the truth brother. Nothin’ worse than bitin’ into grit. Don’t mind a finding a little pearl though. That’s fun.

  2. i see you spilt some oyster liquor……shame on you…..hahaha……nice……i bought a carolinashucker many years ago…..i love it check them out……..carolinashucker(dot)com…….great vid

  3. @ironhead41 In the summer when I have okra, I’ll take that juice and make a roux and throw that okra in there and MMMMMMMMM. My cousin is a Blacksmith, and sometimes he’ll call me whenever he is pouring bronze, and he thinks that he owes me. I got a bucket full of railroad spikes. Those Carolina Shuckers are giving me an idea.

  4. @katzcradul I don’t know. So far I haven’t broke a tooth, but them pearls scare me. Usually when I’m opening them the only pearls that I find are stuck on the shell.

  5. @ironhead41 Not me. I ain’t no blacksmith. I might do a vid of my cousin makin one. He just finished a big Department Of Transportation contract. I had figured he wouldn’t work again for a coupleof years, but the DOT called him again last week, so we’ll have to see. I know that if I go help him pour a couple of more hundred pound buckets of molten metal I’ll be getting some kind of goodies out of it.

  6. hmmm iv never had an oyster. do you think you could do a vid on how to cook them up?? thanks!

  7. @DCC350 I don’t want to talk about it right now. My friend Frosty came over and helped me open the last three quarters of the sack and so we took one and a half quarts and fried them and I am so fullllllllll. I feel like I never want to see another oyster as long as I live, but I usually feel like this every time I glut myself on them, and it only takes me about a day to get over that .

  8. @DCC350 Before I cooked my quart and a half I gave away all of the other quarts. One of my neighbors said that he may smoke his on the half shell. Momma is going to make an oyster stew with cheese. I may try to record them experts at work, if I can catch them while they are cooking them. I actually have plans of eating some of the ones that I gave to momma.

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