23 gedachten over “How to Shuck an Oyster – CHOW”

  1. @jardidge a fresh oyster smells great. just bring her over and i’ll do the dirty work for ya, mate!

  2. yu cocks want to no how to shuck an oyster well guess what i dont no how but now thanks to SHOW TITS and their abnormal GAYng, such as the black lipped popsical maker, alchohol mega nig, MILF who likes flies and wine, and long carrot lover who loves to revive carrots from the dead idk why mabye cuz shes a fucken NECROPHELIAC thanks to these SHOW TITS i now no how to SHUCK *cough *cough FINGER cough* cough* and oyster!!! MILF wine lovers oyster was very good though i shoved my knife in her GOOD!!

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