3 gedachten over “How to Shuck an Oyster”

  1. They are sadly mistaken, you have to throw out the juice THE FIRST TIME b/c it’s dirty but the oyster will reconstitute a newer, cleaner, better-tasting juice.

  2. These were shucked at Hog Island;
    “(Hog Island) oysters come out of our filtered seawater system, and dont have dirty water in them. In fact, many cultured oysters dont have sand and grit in them, and are perfectly fine to eat directly out of the water. Some wild oysters that grow in extremely muddy conditions can have problems with this you can then try to empty some of the liquor out, or flick the dirt out with your oyster knife or not serve them we dont!”

  3. I was also taught that oyster juice is an important part of the whole eating experience – no throwing out!

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