Is there another chance for me to get her. I need womans opinions.?

I always thought she was cute but I was really concentrated on another girl (Long story bad ending, ect ect.) so In my senior year I started to notice her and I wanted to ask her out to Prom, But I chickend out and ended up not going at all. Ive never had a GF So I don’t know how to act around girls I like.

At the school carnival I helped her carry her stuff and when she thanked me I just bumbled like an idiot (And thats how she found out I liked her)

We talked a little more at a friends grad party, and other school functions i went to just because she would be there. We have similar taste in music and other stuff.

I was trying to build the courage to ask her out, but then my freind told me that she told him she knew about my feelings and didin’t have them for me. So being the Idiot that I was I worte a heartfelt email to her and really creeped her out. She was so nice though she said we could be friends.
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2 days ago
and another one of my friends told me that If I wanted to build chemistry i should try flirting with her, It was a stupid idea and I just made an idiot of myself and creeped her out even more. she took me off her friends list and told me she knew about my feelings and that freindship wouldent satisfiy me. And we never talked again

Flash Forward -> Present

Ive spent the last year trying to meet women, failing of course, I still have never had a GF and from what my friends tell me shes hasant had a real BF yet either, a few months ago my friend had a party, I didn’t actively seek her out because I knew she didn’t like me, but I cracked some jokes to the group (there were about 14 people there) and got some laughs from her. she didint seem creeped out at all.

We were both at the HP7 release and she asked me to lead her hand though the crowd. and we were next to eachother in line with some friends talking about how were both trying to learn guitar and such, it was nice

2 days ago
She didi’nt seem weirded out or anything like I would think shed be around me. We joked and talked a little.

So dose anyone think I should try again, not right away, just establish a little bit of contact, she mentioned that she has never seen the SNL Blue Oyster Cult Cowbell skit while me and a guy were talking about the song. So I was thinking of sending it too her to get back on her friends list and then slowly work my way from there being extra careful.

WoW!!!!!! that sounds way to complicated… I just want to say I AM NOT A STALKER

I have not thought about this girl like that at all again until last night.

If evryone tells me its a bad Idea it be no problem letting go, Its just that girls who are nice and cute like her are so rare where I live.

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    1. #1 Don’t push her to do anything she is not ready including a relationship she may not be ready for.
      #2 Just be yourself if that is what makes her laugh, let you be who you are instead of trying to impress her which I personally don’t like, I would want to know the real you not a phony and then come to find out that you were only trying to "trick" me into liking you.
      #3 Make her the important one, know who she is by talking with her and not all "her" or "your" friends, everyone will have a different opinion.

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