Mac’s Oysters – How to shuck a deep water oyster

Mac’s Oysters Ltd. has been farming oysters in Fanny Bay, Baynes Sound Vancouver Island for sixty years. They produce several brands of oysters using three different methods – beach grown, deep water tray or basket grown, and tray grown beach hardened variety. Mac’s oysters are sold under the following brand names – Mac’s Signature Beach, Buckley Bay, Ship Point, Phantom Creek, Sinku, Metcalfe Bay and Summer Ice. In this video we are showing you how to shuck a deep water tray grown oyster. This method of cultivation produces a purple, gold and ivory colored shell with a deep cup. Since they are submerged their entire life they are not exposed to tides and the elements. Therefore their shell is delicate in comparison to a beach grown oyster. The benefit is that they are easy to open by inserting the knife blade into its back hinge and twisting gently. Mac’s Sinku and Summer Ice oysters are exceptional tasting, a mild flavour, melon in taste, with a crispness to it. Absolutely delicicious. For informationo on Mac’s brands please visit their website

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