Michael Woods ‘Dynamik’ OFFICIAL

www.facebook.com OUT NOW!!! Head to Beatport to get your copy today! bit.ly Next up on Mau5trap is the ever so brilliant Michael Woods, with his new track Dynamik, complete with a remix from rising talent Moguai. Fresh from remixing previous Mau5trap release Oyster, Michael returns with his own work of art, Dynamik, a building progressive anthem with warm synths true to Michael’s signature sound combined with the driving drums and bass to create an outstanding peak time stomper. Moguai adds to the package with his remix, just as Michael did to Moguai’s Oyster. The Mau5trap regular takes the original and makes it his own, with solid bouncy drums and a bass riff that builds and rolls to create a thumping main room hit. Michael never ceases to amaze us with his production skill and there is no change with Dynamik, the atmospheric synths that give us that warm feeling inside to the pumping drums that will keep you dancing throughout, makes this next release a very special one.

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    1. @EnCrypticon23x lol 13 people nutted on themselves and by accident hit the dislike button

    2. 13 people got parkinson attack during the sound
      when drop the like button and fall on the dislike one 🙂

    3. whats up with the remarks about people not liking the videos?
      HURRR DURR 100 people are stupid DERRRPppp

    4. @HungryShark tends to only bother middle school kids -_- just ignore and dont let it get to you

    5. @karljuve why you have to associated justin bieber. just enjoy the music and ignore the critism.

    6. WOW LOVE the song but it must suck to be justin bieber to be taking all this criticism…its hilarious

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