16 gedachten over “No oysters? It’s NOT the oil says MS State Official”

  1. Our nice restaurants around here that serve oysters are changing the whole name of the restaurant! IE: Toms Oyster Bar is now going to be a Mexican restaurant! We’re in Michigan!

  2. signs in local restuarants “no oysters”..when asked why they say the price is too high at about 100 dollars per gallon.

  3. Those men at the table are the same men that down played Catfish early this year.Catfish if u read this they ani,t on our side man .Some where in there pants is some Bp payoff money .Good luck down there brother praying for u and the others that are in this mess.

  4. the people on the panel will do as they want regardless of what those in the know tell them. duh.. oil sinks, oilsters live on the bottom but no contamination.. let me think on that one for a minute or two..

  5. OMgggggg… so Walker says “we don’t know if they have been affected by the oil”.. omggggggggg… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they HAVE been affected by the oil!!!

  6. Do not be surprised if this results in a TOTAL kill-off of all gulf oysters.
    Pretty much every bottom feeding creature in Alabama have black gills or white bleach spots in or on the flesh.


    Corexitini 9500 at the Yacht club with ole Tony discussing Ramadan eating BPetroleum Oysters Rockefeller … Obama, Tony Blair and Tony Hayward and The Farking Queen …
    and a few others with Moloch cages…

    I think they are all SMOKING CRACK!

  8. Anyone who eats anything from Louisiana is crazy… This is what happens when you let oil feed you rather than mother nature… Disgusting how officials who were saying, OMG OIL! are now saying, probably not even oil — what spill? nothing is wrong — everything is good and dandy until some kid in Nevada dies from poisoning… Like we said, found no OIL. Even if, there was other stuff dumped into that water — stuff no one regulated… sick sick BP, die die BP.

  9. who to say its not the corexit? Everyone seems to blame the oil, and forget about the millions of gallons of corexit that was used to sink the oil. CORRECTS IT

  10. it would pay a seafood lover to educate themselves on what species are/are not from the Gulf. really sucks, but I’ve ingested enough toxins in my time without eating oil and corexit.

  11. Their arrogant PR bullsh factory requires that all involved including bribed officials ought to be shot by a firing squad for treason.

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