OPEN YOUR HEART using LIVE FOOD! Juice recipes for you…

JUICING RECIPES are right here, just *CLICK(more info)? ! *JARS of JUICE http *JUICERS *SHOP http *AMAZON *DONATIONS http *FACEBOOK 1 JAR OF JUICE = = ¼ gal. = 1 qt. = 32 oz = = 946 ml = 0.95 l JARS + PLASTIC CAPS (do NOT use metal lids like I do in this vid as they rust! I forgot to bring my plastic caps with me on this trip…) DURING THIS JUICE FAST the 3 adult FEMALES are each drinking 2½ to 3 jars of juice/day = = ? to ¾ gal. = 2½ to 3 qt. = = 80 to 96 oz = 2.37 to 2.84 l I make 9 jars juice/day = = 2¼ gal = 9 qt. = = 288 oz = 8.52 l ~ 6 jars juice in morning = = 1½ gal = 6 qt. = = 192 oz = 5.68 l ~ 3 jars juice in afternoon = = ¾ gal = 3 qt. = = 96 oz = 2.84 l —– I’m drinking what’s left over + eating 1 solid food meal/day. If I was doing a 100% juice fast/feast, as an adult MALE I would be drinking 4 jars of juice/day = = 1 gal. = 4 qt. = = 128 oz = 3.79 l ? LOW to MEDIUM GLYCEMIC JUICE RECIPE! ? YIELD: 3 jars juice = = ¾ gal = 3 qt. = = 96 oz = 2.84 l **IMPORTANT!** *THIS RECIPE MAKES ALOT OF JUICE* so if you don’t want to drink this much juice at once, please HALVE THIS RECIPE or even QUARTER THIS RECIPE ~ and/or ~ have GLASS mason jars ready to store some of this juice for later! I use GLASS mason jars + PLASTIC CAPS like these: * I ngredients * —- Always SCRUB & WASH PRODUCE before

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    25 gedachten over “OPEN YOUR HEART using LIVE FOOD! Juice recipes for you…”

    1. I’m going to head out to whole foods to see what different greens I can switch up tonight. Thank you for the inspiration and for showing us to broaden our greens. Peace.

    2. That looks like an awesome green juice. Dan you’ve got me looking at all the greenery outside wondering if I can juice that. lol

    3. again, wish i was there! 🙂 i know u are havin a blast, brother! 🙂 🙂 thanks for showing us the videos while u are there!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    4. Green juice for LIFE!
      Dan thanks also for giving me a reason to believe in “God”. The way you describe God as not a person or thing but the infinite source of life, I was like “yeah that’s the concept I’ve been searching for” because I was refusing God because of the concept that it was a person above us. But eating these raw foods has made it clear.

    5. Your guess is as good as mine, I did not go to CA with him (by my own choosing). Besides, I’m not otherwise attached to his hip or anything! We are both individuals… I like to talk to other human beings, males, females… and sometimes alone! Shh, don’t tell Dan… 😉

    6. Oh boy…do I have some stories to tell surrounding this topic!! (Better to tell you someday in person, it just wouldn’t be effective to try and type it all out) Memories, memories…of when I first met Dan and was first exposed to his, um, very, very unique behavior…

    7. I hope you and Dan both read this. I feel like I have been very knit picky and protective with Dan the last few months. I just want to see him suceed. He has more power here than he may realize and some of this choices of words and actions are going to throw off new viewers or set a not so responsible example for YOUNG viewers. I push my opinions in hopes he might see things from another angle and sharpen up if he choses to do so. He is reaching THOUSANDS now. I encourage wise words n actions.

    8. and yes, we all have our share of different behaviors… I’ve picked my nose at stoplights and then wondered in the middle what on earth I was doing.. wear the same shirt for like 2 days and don’t wash my pants everytime I wear them… still suck my finger at night and buck up my teeth bigtime… I’m no saint. I’m also no “star” like Dan has become and that is why I really encourage him to be mindful about what he SHARES on cam and what an how he does outside. Mindful = mature = ideal IMO

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