Over/Under for how many fresh oysters can be ate in 2 hours?

Hi – due to a wager placed 4 years ago – a friend of mine will finally be attempting to eat 250 fresh-shucked oysters in 2 hours. I party is being held to honour this event – and I have been designated to assign a over/under line – so party participants can wager on how far the eater will get. I’d prefer any factual information over opinions, Thanks,

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    1. I am a pretty big eater, and I ate 10 dozen in a 2-3 hour time period, and I could not eat 1 more. They were medium sized. I love to gamble and I love oysters, so this really sounds great to me. An over & under will be hard to set with no precedent, but if I had to set one it would be at 152. Why don’t you just sell numbers, between 75 and 250, and whoever gets closest without going over wins the pot. Wish I could be there!

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