Oyster Knife

Oyster shucking is easy, as shown by chef Jason Hill of www.cookingsessions.com in this episode of “Chef Tips.” Using an oyster knife (also called an oyster shucker or oyster opener) Jason demonstrates how to shuck fresh oysters. Oyster knives can be purchased at most cutlery stores, and are important tools when shucking oysters. In this episode, Jason uses live oysters purchased at Whole Foods Market in Newport Beach. Shucked oysters should be enjoyed immediately after opening, served with a wedge of fresh lemon. For Chef Hill’s printed instructions on how to open oysters, go to http

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    25 gedachten over “Oyster Knife”

    1. i just regret that I ve never had oyster before. I will try some tomorrow. This is just mouth watering.

      Chef, could you lecture us about eating a sea urchin as well?

    2. @Sorgutentarer
      Thanks for the comment. I have to be honest, I have never had sea urchin. I have always heard it is one of the most challenging foods to try at the sushi bar. It may be something I will step up and do someday, but I am not going to run out and do it anytime soon….. ha ha!

    3. The last two weekends i used a flat head screwdriver. I just ordered an oyster knife from amazon, last night!

    4. That’s funny, i just got oysters from Whole Foods as well. Up here in Chicago we’ve not many options!

    5. I learned how to shuck oysters the day Chef handed me three nets full and said “Get to work!” LOL! =D

    6. @ChefTips About 15 pounds? I scrubbed them under cold water, shucked them over a 1/3 pan, saved, chinois, then coffee-filtered the champaigne and triple-rinsed the product. I learn a lot from him. =D

    7. @tastygarlic
      That sounds good. What was the final product like and/or presentation?
      I had to learn the hard way too for my first real oyster shucking experience. It was a New Years Eve bash and we had a huge oyster on the half shell display. I don’t remember how many pounds we had. I do remember having a huge callus in the center of my palm from the knife the next day….ha ha.

    8. I don’t like raw oyster. but my dad LTKMAN (cooking with Kai) love raw oyster with hot and lemon sauce. We are also love your show.

    9. @fkknight
      Thanks for commenting! Your dad’s food and channel is awesome. He’s real good on the guitar too.

    10. (fkknight) is my son. we love your channel is so awesome too. You have so wonderful tips and technique .

    11. What’s a good dexter russell oyster knife? There’s so many different variations and sizes.

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