OYSTER opening, instruction in 30 seconds vid!! :-) English language in description below!!

This is Michael Prising showing how to open an oyster outside saluhallen (where one buys high quality and delicacy food) in Uppsala saluhalleniuppsala.se (I travelled to this “sleepy little town” today!)! He was giving away OYSTER FREE SAMPLES to bypassing people!! He said “If the supermarkets can give away “kavring med räkost” (bread with soft shrimpchease… 🙂 as free tastesamples, then WHY THE HELL can´t we give away FREE OYSTERS??” This guy is a MARKETING GENIUS!! He has the site www.feskarn.nu – GO VISIT!! He is also on YouTube as youtube.com !! Also- join his group “Feskarn i saluhallen” on Facebook!! Swedish to english TRANSLATION: You look for the POINT from where the oyster GROWS (pointing and showing direction of growth) This point is where you stick in the knife! Secure the oyster with a FIRM grip. Once you´ve penetrated this growthpoint it “snaps”. Turn the knife, and cut along the side! woman: “easy peacy!” Then cut OFF the muscle where the oyster is attached to its shelf, and see to it that the soft eatable parts are lose! Ready to DEVOUR!! woman: “party!” This is filmed with my new Canon Vigria HF200 www.canon.com.

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    10 gedachten over “OYSTER opening, instruction in 30 seconds vid!! :-) English language in description below!!”

    1. Cool!:) But I don’t understand him, since I don’t speak his language 🙁

    2. @JTpommetje
      I will translate this to english in description later!

      He speaks MY language – SWEDISH!!

      SWEDISH should be spoke by ALL PEOPLE OVER THE WORLD according to ME!! 😉

    3. Thank you, and well I think English should be spoke by all people over the world, altough I’m not English, I come from the Netherlands.

    4. Nice, and the oysters were from Holland.. 😉 /Mike (the guy who opened the oysters)

    5. @mickefisk
      Thank you for that info. Micke!

      Can one find and buy also swedish oysters for eating sometimes? Maybe from the swedish westcoast? If so, do they taste any differently?

      .. and do oysters from different places taste differently??

    6. @foreskinforest
      Hey foreskinforest!
      READ in channeldescription!
      Translation there for people with this strange language I´m now writing in!! 🙂

    7. @foreskinforest
      And thank you!!

      Yes, I believe this is one of my best vids so far! SHORT and “packed with information”!! ahahaha!

    8. my father could open oysters like that……Im not even a fraction as fast though..lol

    9. @mala265
      I haven´t even tried mala!! hahahaha!!

      I WOULD wear a GLOVE though if I ever tried!! 🙂

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