Oyster Recipes for Outdoor Entertaining: How to Cook Oysters and Prepare Oyster Sauce | Pottery Barn

www.potterybarn.com Watch and learn how to cook oysters as John Finger, founder of Hog Island Oyster Co, shares his favorite oyster recipes. All you’ll need is an oyster knife, and a few necessary ingredients to create the perfect oyster sauce. The first step for how to prepare oysters is to make sure they are kept alive by storing them somewhere cold and damp. Before you can start shucking oysters, you need a kitchen cloth, flat surface, and an oyster knife. Insert the oyster knife at the hinge point, apply pressure and twist until you hear a pop. Once you’ve removed the shells from your fresh oysters, cut around the edges until the meat comes loose. Opening oysters is quick and easy when you follow these simple steps. An easy way to serve raw oysters is on an oyster platter filled with ice. To add a little flavor, follow John’s steps to create his hog wash oyster sauce. If you’d rather try barbequed oysters, simply put them on the grill until the oyster meat starts bubbling. After 3-5 minutes, take them off the grill and place your barbequed oysters on a platter filled with rock salt. Have a memorable outdoor party with any of these great oyster recipes. John Finger shows us that cooking oysters and eating oysters fresh is fun and simple when you know how it’s done! Find more outdoor entertaining ideas on Pottery Barn’s website: www.potterybarn.com

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