Oyster shucker Olivier le Breton

Oyster Men and Champagne Girls have become a familiar and welcome appearance at parties and events.
A hospitable oyster shucker who impressively outfitted with leather apron, steel glove, oysterknife and a bucket filled with deliciously fresh oysters – mixing among your guests, opening oysters on the spot. Cheerful, modest and proud for he loves his work, the real écaillier is not only a waiter that opens fresh oysters, but a professional who knows almost everything about oysters and,  likes to share his knowledge when requested to do so.
Since 2001 I am professional écailler or oyster shucker. As a child I learned to love the the sea and its bounty, during my holidays at my grandparents in Brittany, at low tide, I use to accompany my grandfather on days when oysters were to be harvested and oyster tables required maintenance. Between the temporarily dry rocks, seaweeds and beaches we also looked for and found many other shells and shellfish, which together with the flat and hollow oysters harvested provided a truly marvellous seafood banquet for supper.

Born in Hampstead UK of Breton mother and Dutch father, I grew up in Amsterdam and partly in Brittany.  Read more …..( Blogger profile).

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