Oyster Shucking Champion: Deborah Pratt

Deborah Pratt began her quest for oyster shucking fame when she was a child sitting on the doorstep with her younger sister, Clementine Macon. The novelty of an oyster and how one goes about quickly getting it open became a lifelong obsession for both of them.

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    15 gedachten over “Oyster Shucking Champion: Deborah Pratt”

    1. Hi Deborah, you are so cool! I just completed a show on Canadian oysters and they were delicious and easy to open. I can’t wait to taste a Virginia oysters!
      ~ The Posh Pescatarian

    2. NB: This is *not* Deborah Pratt (aka “Marella”) from the ‘Airwolf’ TV series.

    3. even if she’s shucking ‘ois-cha’s’ instead of ‘oysters,’ im still impressed, because ois-cha’s sound smaller, therefore more difficult.

    4. Ha! Welcome to the Chesapeake Bay. You should visit Tangier Island for even more unusual accents.

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