Oyster Tasting Guide

Eating raw oysters is a uniquely invigorating experience. No other food conjures up a taste sensation as strongly as an oyster: the essence of the sea in edible form. However, there are large differences among oysters with regard to taste, body and nose; the environmental conditions have a significant impact on flavours. Tastes can range from some salty to floral, some have fruity notes, mineral flavour or even hints of spice. Even oysters from the same estuary can vary in flavour depending upon exactly where they are grown. Like wine, oysters gain much of their flavour from their terroir or maybe their merroir even?! Different oysters suit different occasions and different people. If you havent yet been wowed by oysters, you may well have been eating with the wrong ones. This film shows our tasting session of 14 oysters from throughout the UK; the scores were used in our “UK Oyster Tasting Guide” (bit.ly

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