Oysters–Not Just For Eating

Think oysters are good on the half shell? They may be even better whole. Oysters can restore marine habitats by cleaning water, creating homes for other sea life and preventing coastal erosion. But oyster populations around the world have declined, experts say. Find out how scientists in New York are working to replenish oyster populations in the waters around the city.

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    4 gedachten over “Oysters–Not Just For Eating”

    1. Oyster King 1 has patented a technology that re-introduces the oyster population to Chesapeake Bay.
      the Bay is the largest estuary in the US, and once brought $100 billion in revenue a year, from tourism and fisheries.
      i have posted their video from FOX news =)

    2. well only certain oysters are okay to eat… some oysters carry bad diseases and such.

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