Oysters, Tomales Bay, California

In Northern California, located out on the coast by Pt. Reyes Seashore, are several oyster companies that farm their own oysters. All of them farm their oysters along the marshes of coastal bays and are open to the public. You can buy them to take home, eat them raw at the farm, or at Tomales Bay Oyster Company, you can cook them on the grills they provide. We love making a day of it as we wind through the redwoods and along the scenic coast. We prepare much of our picnic and accompaniments at home and create a wonderful oyster feast with sourdough bread, garlic butter to dress the oysters, louisiana hot sauce, and a nice bottle of chardonnay. The marshes create such a serene backdrop and the winged wildlife is plentiful.

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    9 gedachten over “Oysters, Tomales Bay, California”

    1. Barbequed oysters are best when you apply the garlic butter, lett simmer on the grill and THEN add a bit of hickory smoked sauce mixed with a bit of white wine.. cover the grill and allow to sauted until the edges of the sauce begin to darken… YUMMMMMMM…
      my family has barbequed oysters this way for years…

    2. thats living life right their. I like how relaxed and happy everyone is .. I just tried oysters last week and I had this small one had a japanese name (kokomo something) Man it was so good.

    3. it’s very relaxing,fun and exciting bec we were there yesterday.unbelievable experience.above all it’s our first time to go there and wasnt tht bad and for sure we knew what we gonna bring next time,god i love that place.

    4. What are you talking about…? oysters can be BBQ with lemon and hot sauce or garlic butter like what they are doing. also oysters can be baked like oyster Rockefeller… so yes oysters CAN be heated up.

    5. I live near Appalichicola, Florida where the finest oysters in the world are harvested. Lucky me.

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