25 gedachten over “Prairie Oyster – One Kiss”

  1. Love this guy’s voice – great sound quality and control…5*’s Loved it.

    Ava, Illinois

  2. Yvonne, this group should be huge in N. America, but being Canadian, they can’t budge the US market. Their songs are so original and with beautiful lyrics and so far from the American C and W pap currently being called Country in the States. Just my opinion, of course!

  3. You hit the nail on the head! The Country music scene down here, is all about turning out a new artist every week, because of greed and everyone down here knows it. That’s what I love about YouTube, you get a chance to be introduced to groups like Prairie Oyster. Thanks for sharing.

  4. mani,
    I like this song. I have to hear more from them before I can say I’m a bona fide fan. However, I wouldn’t consider them “country” -at least not to my Southern U.S. ears.
    I thought perhaps you chose this vid for the much-inked dancer. lol!

  5. Hanging with Lynn Miles and Keith Glass after her show. Lynn described P. O. sound as they were the Mavricks before there was a Mavricks.
    Amen….of the two perhaps the wrong band got the breaks…

  6. I like the Prairie Oysters since i heard them first on german TV, (the song was One Way Track, still one of my favorites), but this is great, too

  7. An exelent song from a canadian grup,it has a wonderfoll mix of rock,country and spanish music.Well done 5*

  8. This one of my favorite groups. I’m so gland they released a new album. They have some songs on MySpace.

  9. I saw Prairie Oyster live on St. Joseph Island at Cornfest. Great band — Even better, they are Canadian!! Canada has a lot of talent that deserves to be heard.

  10. what I meant please put up more if you can !:)
    Thanks for that! Very nice !

  11. Can’t find lyrics and guitar chords to this song. Like these guys lots but they never tour the US

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