Oesterkar op Tuinfeest Oester Traiteur Olivier le Breton Speciales GillardeauOlivier le Breton has several fresh products and services to offer to assist you in making your party, reception, gala, opening or event into a success. Complete with all the trimmings, we will entertain your guests with our culinary services. Good catering in style is our credo. A style to fit you and your party. All our products are sustainably farmed and produced.

The oyster man. Leaves an unforgettable impression on your guests. Fully dressed in black or Breton style the oysterman will be serving your guests delicious fresh oysters with a smile.

The gamba man.
The peels gambaman on the spot serving your guests delicious gambas.

The gambabar.
A cozy stylish gambabar, to enjoy wokked  gambas in a stylish way.

The gamba tasting.
Surprise and pamper your guests with a pleasant afternoon or evening.

Oyster bar – Fruits de mer bar.
A cozy booth that if you ever been in Brittany or Normandy  you’ll recognize immediately.

Oyster and mussel trips.
You bask in the culinary oyster and mussel journey to our own Yerseke in Zeeland, it will leave a memorable impression on your guests.

Fresh baked crêpes to an old Breton family recipe.

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