Breton buckwheat crêpes a traditional, artisanal, family recipe.

Buckwheat crêpes are found almost in all regions of France. They are made by us from an old family recipe and the preparation of these delicious, traditional crêpes has developed and refined into a unique product in the course of several generations.
Our buckwheat crêpes, not to be confused with the Dutch pancake, are very fine in structure and flavor and excellent with both savory and sweet garnish.
What do you think of a sweet filling of wild chestnut paste or honey and lime ? Or a savory filling of smoked salmon or prawns or as a delicious dessert with apple and Calvados?

Freshly baked for and served at your party, reception, gala, opening or event in conjunction with our gambabar. To complete the whole a glass of cider, campagne or wine may be arranged.

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