Oyster and gambabar

Oyster bar, gamba bar or fruits de mer boutique will impress your guests.

A cozy booth that if you ever been in Brittany or Normandy you’ll recognize immediately. A salty scented breeze of sun, sand and sea.
Are you getting that holiday feeling too ?

The oyster and seafood boutique, gambabar or stall is manned by men in leather aprons with an authentic look that, sharing  knowledge, and if so requested, little tips en tricks, about schells, shellfish and seafood in general and ways to prepare.
From the stand we serve various types of oysters, razor blades, whelk, crab legs, marinated mussels, gambas, lobster, palourdes, praires and much more delightful from the sea. All of these products are farmed in a responsible and sustainable way in the waters of Normandy, Brittany and along Atlantic, and the Meditarenean coasts.
We  may also wok mussels, vongole and gamba and a cup of saffron mussel soup can be served.

Olivier le Breton can also provide a range of suitable  champagnes and fine wines.
This seafood banquet stand is suitable for larger gatherings such as weddings,
receptions, festivals and other events.

Oysters & Gamba’s

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