Prop 8, Oysters and Neurons (13/08/10)

Just my view on the matter of homosexual marriages and prop 8 supporters. To see the prop 8 supporters legal claims destroyed (by a conservative): To see a classic argument about the biblical restrictions from the west wing: The power point on Gender Neurology:- Or in html: Some references: – Adams, D., (1971) ‘Defence and territorial Behaviour dissociated by hypothalamic lesions in the rat’, Nature, 232, (573-574) Kruk, MR, van der Poel, AM, Meelis, W., Hermans, J., Mostert, PG, Mos, J., Lohman, AHM, (1983) ‘Discriminant analysis of the localisation of aggression inducing electrode placements in the hypothalamus of male rats’, Brain Research, 260, (61-79) in Toates, F., (ed) (1992) Biology, Brain and Behaviour: Control of Behaviour, Milton Keynes: Open University Press. Cookson, W., (1994) ‘The Gene Hunters: Adventures in the Genome Jungle’, London: Aurum Press (bookshelf) LeVay,S., (1994)’ The Sexual Brain’, (Page 72) Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Fausto Sterling, A., ‘Myths of Gender, Biological Theories about Women and Men’, (p244) New York: Basic Books, 1992 Allen, LS, Gorski, RA, ‘Sex Difference in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis of the Human Brain’, Journal of Comparative Neurology, 303:697-706, (1990) Zhou, JN, Hofman, MA, Gooren, LJG, Swaab, D., ‘A Sex Difference in the Human Brain and its Relation to Transsexuality’, Nature 378, 68-70, (1995) Breedlove, M., ‘Another

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    14 gedachten over “Prop 8, Oysters and Neurons (13/08/10)”

    1. You’re one of the few youtubers who lists references.

      Good work. I think I’ll shout out this vid in particular – soon.

    2. Amazing what extensive appendixes you manage to put together for all your videos.
      I suppose this will become the reference video and appendix on the subject. Almost sad that you have put an end to the debate 😉

    3. Great work – again! Love your references. Oysters? “Never eat anything that looks like it should be in a hanky” (my father 😉

    4. @mrgodbehere actually go to a halloweeen store and get a brain jello mold. That will look very life like

    5. @HappyCabbie Cool idea. I can tear it open like a psycho to talk about the inner parts.

      Ah, a video plan is forming in head–must— concentrate.

    6. @mrgodbehere it should come with its own jello but you can buy more at the store year round.

    7. Great vid mate, heard of you from Rymemaiden (cant spell) and have subb’d. Can’t rate as its been disabled!!

    8. @shaunad1967 Cheers! For some reason I don’t yet understand, YT is making disabled rating the default on my videos. It’s driving me nuts. Should be okay now 🙂

    9. So how you reconcile this with your other video talking about Gender Identity as a Social Construct full of old book references !?.

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