12 gedachten over “Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss – Roger Federer @ Australian Open”

  1. Yeah I saw him lose to nadal, @ AO, heard he cried after that…..so poor,
    he wanted to tie with Pete Sampras’ record.

  2. Why would I wear the same watch as this crying little bitch?

    I want the watch that Rafa wears. Vamos Nadal!

  3. Besides, Rolex is strictly for the nouveau riche.

    People with taste buy Patek Philippe or Audemar Piguet.

  4. Flip!!! such a topping advert. Long live Roger Federer, our champion.

  5. That’s opinionated so your opinion doesn’t matter, nor does your life. Go drop dead in Hell.

  6. If Rafa saw you wearing his watch he’d probably ripped it off your wrist because he knows he fuckin’ retarded you are.

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