Skilled octopus opens bottles – un pulpo, Octi abre botellas

May 3 – An octopus in New Zealand has unlocked her special powers by opening bottles to earn her lunch. An octopus in New Zealand has learnt how to open glass jars and bottles with its tentacles to retrieve food inside. Jennifer Marostica reports. Soundbite: # Libor Mach, a handler at the aquarium, (English)

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    25 gedachten over “Skilled octopus opens bottles – un pulpo, Octi abre botellas”

    1. the plural form of octopus is actually octopuses, not octopi, look it up if u question me

    2. If you can train this creature to hold onto a bristle brush, you could have it do seasonal scrubbings of the hull of your sailboat.
      I’m going to train a hundred of them and make millions!!!!

    3. @DementedLeaf It is in fact octopodes. Octopus comes from the Greek oktopus which makes the plural octopodes. It is a common misconception that it would be octopuses, but it certainly is not octopi. Anyone who disbelieves, look it up at AskOxford 🙂

    4. I did, and it worked. I now have a fleet of 260 octopus who do scrubbing on boats. The animal rights people are not too happy about it.

    5. pictures! pictures!
      best thing ever 🙂
      hey, and they’re smart ya know, if they ever want higher pay (or in their case, more small sea-creature snacks) they definitely don’t even have to carry picket signs, they can just decide to all mass in a huge blob directly on your face and suffocate you and crush your head! 🙂

    6. that’s true! but they were sooooo on drugs when they had the idea for that song… and equally on drugs when they recorded it!
      in all seriousness, i’ll shortly seriously be considering an octo as a pet. my main worry is what my cat would think of her! he wouldn’t want to marry her, that’s for sure.

    7. Nice video.
      The octopus are very interesting. Here in the Leipzig Zoo, we have a octopus to. I like to watch and film this animal.

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