25 gedachten over “Spam Play – Bioshock 2 (7): Ever open up an oyster?”

  1. Oh dear lord, This video cracked me up, It’s so freaking funny.
    And That oyster comment man…just…Wow!

  2. ooooooooh i loooove little girls they make me feel so GOOD. whenever their around they make em feel like im the only guy in town. XD that is what goes threw his head when he adopts them and you know it.

  3. lmfao when they jump down they are like weeeee OH shit I JUST REMEMBER I CANT FLY. and when you picked up the little sister it looked like you just threw her over your shoulder and over shot it

  4. why do you say “twat” like “twot” is it because youre american? because im from england and we say it as “twat”

  5. @argumentalcom We’re from America, so we pronounce things differently than our cousins from across the pond.

  6. @Adamskaish your not in the kool kids klub because you were hangin out WITH YOUR COOL NEW FRIENDSSSSS!!

  7. @Tatsudoshi ok cool i just heard you say twot and i was like “what the hell does twot mean?” then it occured to me that you might have said twat

  8. so, what about a whispering eye? or a pink taco? cooch? punani? muff? beaver? hoo ha? vajayjay? love oasis? or even possibly the raunchiest of them all, the meat curtains?

  9. Apparently, even though it’s quite convenient that every single god damn mirror in this game is either broken, dirty or missing, In Bioshock 1 and 2, during gameplay the hands are the only thing modeled.

  10. @BravoBlanc Actually, you’re an Alpha series Big Daddy. -Named- Delta. So when you fight the Alpha’s later, that is your character model.

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