Sunday brunch?

I attended a very nice wedding last weekend. They probally spend 75k..maybe more. Food and liquor was abundant.

For the rehearsal dinner we had lobster, steamers, clams choweder. Open bar.

For the reception, the cocktail hour had giant shrimp, clams, oysters, lamb (lamb!!!) , zesty chicken skewers, scallops wrapped in bacon, mini crab cakes and mushroom mini-quiches.

The plated meal had 3 choices of entrees, crab stuffed sole, tenderloin or vegetarian. Rolls, salad and steamed veggies.

Dessert was cake, chocolate fondue, fresh fruit, cheese, pretzels, cookies etc. Open bar

For the ‘after party" they had catering as well, they had procciuto and pancetta subs, chicken and peperonni panninis, mini-cannolis, chocolate covered strawberries….and open bar too.

The next day the had a Sunday brunch. I just couldn’t get my self to go. 1st because I was stuffed already, and second, because I wouldn’t dare to show up for more after so many splendid meals.
BDo you think that I somehow breached ettiquette by not showing up to the brunch? Both bride and groom went to Hawaii for the honeymoon the very next day, so neither of them would have been there.

Brides: Do you take offense if some of your guest don’t show up to your brunch?
We were out of town guests
Bf in wedding party
Both bride and groom were on their way to Hawaii and were not in attendance.

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    1. Of course not. The couple didn’t even go. I’m sure no one cared.

      I went to a wedding similar to the one you went to and the bride and groom were so tired and out of it, they probably couldn’t tell you who even came. Brunches are almost always casual and very optional. We’re having a brunch and wouldn’t care if some people didn’t show.

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